Washington Thoroughbred Foundation

WSU Scholarship Recipients
1968 to present

The annual Washington Thoroughbred Foundation/WTBOA scholarship in the amount of $1,000 is awarded
to a student who demonstrates academic merit, is a Washington resident, has a financial need
and has an active interest in horses.

Year   Name Location Interest and/or Present Activity
2017 Zena Hemmen Pullman, WA
(from Bainbridge Island, WA)
"Upon graduation from vet school, I want to pursue an internship at an equine private practice to gain practical skills and expand my knowledge base. I want to then pursue an equine residency at a veterinary university. My end goal is to be an equine internal medicine clinical instructor and researcher at a veterinary institution."
2016 Alanna Farrell Pullman, WA "I am currently beginning my fourth year here at Washington State University. My focus is primarily on equine surgery and medicine, and I will be pursuing an internship at an equine practice after graduation. I hope to make great contributions to the horse world throughout my veterinary career."
2015 Sarah P. Jarvis Sarah P. Jarvis Pullman, WA "Veterinary school afforded me the opportunity to work with horses and students in a leadership position. I am about to start my fourth and final year of my veterinary education, and I look forward to expanding these skills even further. I am excited to work in the equine sector of veterinary medicine."
2014 Joey Bergevin Pullman, WA
(from Ellensburg, WA)
Plans to pursue “an equine internship at a private equine hospital upon completion of his doctor of veterinary medicine curriculum.” He would eventually like to own an equine podiatry practice.
2014 Kyle Heaton Pullman, WA Ultimate goal to “own an equine practice which performs all tasks of an equine general practitioner (lameness, colic, vaccines, dental, field surgeries, etc.) with an emphasis on surgery.”
2013 Chealsea Farnsworth Chelsea Farnsworth Pullman, WA
(from Southwest Washington)
"My goal, after completing school, is to focus on equine medicine and surgery.”
2012 Taryn Hudgens Taryn Hudgens Pullman, WA An “avid Thoroughbred and racing fan.”
2011 Eric Renner Eric Renner Pullman, WA Researcher at Equine Exercise Physiology Laboratory
2010 Jamie Getz Jamie Getz North Bend, WA Equine Veterinarian
2009 Alice Lombard  Alice Lombard  Kirkland, WA Equine Veterinarian
2008   Jenny Freeling Columbus, OH Research scientist and lab manager in biomedical research
2007   Alicia Gores-Lindholm Sunset, LA Equine Veterinarian
2006 Siddra Hines Siddra Hines Pullman, WA Equine Veterinarian
2005   Whitney Bost Portland, OR Small Animal Practice
2004 Shuna Klaveness Shuna Klaveness Seattle, WA Veterinary Specialist
2003 Ryan Schultz Ryan Schultz Snohomish, WA Veterinary Specialist
2002 Betsy Charles Betsy Charles Fallbrook, CA Equine Radiology
2001 Abby Snodgrass Abby Snodgrass Graham, WA Mixed Animal Practice
2000   Robert Genovese Whitefish, MT Equine Practice
1999   Tracy Jensen Meisner Manhattan, KS Part of the comparative medicine group at veterinary college
1998   Jennifer Brown Tampa, FL Equine Surgeon
1997   Scott Habegger Spokane, WA Equine Practice
1996   Paula Benner Washington, ME Ambulatory Equine Vet Practice
1995   Kelley McGlade Yakima, WA Instructor in Vet Tech Program
1994   Bruce King Coeur d'Alene, ID Small Animal Practice
1993   Cheryl Renee Andrea Cave Creek, AZ Equine Practice (Surgery)
1992   Kathy Grimes Kunka Evans, WA Mixed Animal Practice (Equine Embryo Transfer)
1991   David Faught Fallon, NV Mixed Animal Practice
1990   Robert Harrington Bainbridge Island, WA Unknown
1989   Marty Bennett Gooding, ID Large Animal Practice
1988   Linda Dahlgren Newport, VA Associate professor of large animal surgery
1987   Steven Slender Del Mar, CA Equine Practice
1986   Dwight Henninger Waynesville, OH Senior Scientist and Technical Service Veterinarian
1985   Doris Bacon Republic, WA Mixed Animal Practice
1984   Jodie Petersen Herperus, CO Equine Practice
1983   Arthur Kennedy Vancouver, WA Unknown
1982   Ann Bradley Las Vegas, NV Small Animal Practice
1981   Jimmie Friedly Peyton, CO Mixed Animal Practice
1980   Robin Peterson Spokane, WA Painter and Illustrator
1979   Dorothy Ainsworth King Ferry, NY Professor of Large Animal Medicine
1978   Randolph Scott Colbert, WA Mixed Animal Practice
1977   Michael Conaway Tucson, AZ Equine Practice
1976   Paul Christensen Farmington, UT Retired
1975   Richard Schoenburg Kennewick, WA Equine Practice
1974   Michael Ruby Riverton, WY Unknown
1973   Robert Krieg Eagle Pass, TX Border Veterinarian for the USDA
1972   Donald Dewards Auburn, WA Mixed Animal Hospital
1971   Elray Hendricks Boise, ID Small Pet Hospital
1970   Steven Krakowka Columbus, OH Professor in Vet Biosciences
1969   Gerald Bergsma Maple Valley, WA Equine Practice
1968   Arthur Crate Deceased

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