Award Winners 2019

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Angie Crockett Memorial Best in Show Award
 Award Artist Title Prize 
  Christine Grimes Areion $500 
Bud & Pat Hallowell Memorial Publication Award
plus publication on a cover of Washington Thoroughbred magazine
  Rosalie Thun Night Racing $500 
Equine Art Show Purse Trophy Purchase Award
in memory of Vivian F. McMurry

presented to the winner of the 2019 Equine Art Show Purse
  Karen Leback Serenity $300 
Equine Art Committee Poster Award
for publication on 2019 art show poster
  Christine Grimes Areion $100 
  Kathy Meyers Red Bandana $100 
  Mary Schumaker The Track Pony $100 
People’s Choice Award
Voted on by those in attendance throughout the show
  Wayne Nagai Numero Uno Commemorative 
The Campbell Award for Oil 
 1st Place Joan MacIntyre October Morning Deauville $200 
 2nd Place Joanne Mehl Lifting Fog $150 
 3rd Place Elena Eros Catching Birds $100 
 Honorable Mention Nina Mikhailenko Sally at the Quarter Chute $50 
Dr. Donald & Beverly Turner and Phil & Sarah Saitta
Award for Acrylic
 1st Place Iwona Jankowski Night and Day – Mottled Horses $200 
 2nd Place Debra Cepeda Illumination $150 
 3rd Place Sheryl Pickering Into the Sunset $100 
 Honorable Mention Kathy Meyers Red Bandana $50 
Vivian F. McMurry Memorial Award for Watercolor
 1st Place Jani Freimann Flamenco $200 
 2nd Place Rosalie Thun Night Racing $150 
 3rd Place Celene Ryan Friends for Life $100 
 Honorable Mention Karen Petrillose Making a Splash “3” $50 
Doctor Pav Award for Mixed Media
 1st Place Mary Schumaker The Track Pony $200 
 2nd Place Jeanne Hamilton Race $150 
 3rd Place Karen Petrillose Montana Family Ties $100 
 Honorable Mention Pam McKinnie Spirit Horse $50 
Jean G. Barclay Memorial Award for Pastel & Drawing
 1st Place Debra Cepeda Evening Stroll $200 
 2nd Place Katrina Kuivinen Full Speed! $150 
 3rd Place Jeanne Hamilton New Day $100 
 Honorable Mention Mary Schumaker Hengste $50 
Oak Crest Farm (Jack & Theresa Hodge)
Award for Sculpture
 1st Place Mindy Z. Colton Always a Winner Too $200 
 2nd Place Dana Michaels Winners Circle $150 
 3rd Place Karen Leback Serenity $100 
 Honorable Mention Dana Michaels Composed $50 
David L. Parks Memorial Award for Objet d’Art
 1st Place Brad Meyer Freedom Run $200 
 2nd Place Diane Frederick Thundering Herd $150 
 3rd Place Dorin Meinhart Ancestor $100 
 Honorable Mention Kimberly Wales Painted Pony $50 
Makors Finale Award for Photography
in memory of Duane Hamamura
 1st Place Jessica Farren Stallion in White $200 
 2nd Place Diamond S Equine Photography Eye of the Storm $150 
 3rd Place Wayne Nagai Numero Uno $100 
 Honorable Mention Jessica Farren Gilded Stallion $50 
Gordy & Connie Jarnig Award for Digital Art
 1st Place Kristy Batie The Lovely Chical $200 
 2nd Place Tim Clifton Race Day Boots $150 
 3rd Place Tim Clifton Close Encounter $100 
 Honorable Mention Kari Nanstad A Leap of Faith $50 
El Dorado Farms Intermediate Division Award (13 to 18 years)
 1st Place Riley Sheasley Magical Sunrise $100 
 2nd Place Madison Davis Goats in Spring $75 
Griffin Place Pre-Teen/Children’s Division Award
(12 years & under)
 1st Place Isla Osoria Dreams $50 
 2nd Place Donisa Lee Enchanted $35 
 3rd Place Gwen Jenness Springy Spots $20 
 Honorable Mention Errin Bilson, Camryn Duty, Duncan Hans, Gabby Hans, Ethan R. Hansen, Ty Ho, Zoe Lardent, Andrew Ma, Isla Osoria, Daniel Redka, Nedia Ryder, Daniel Santos, Sahasra Swargam, Suanvi Swargam $5 ea. 


Thank You to our Panel of Distinguished Judges
Jill Heerensperger
Theresa Hodge
Elaine C. Lynest

2019 Artist in Residence
Nina Mikhailenko

2019 Poster Artists
Kathy Meyers
Kari Nanstad
Celene Ryan

Heartfelt Thanks to These Category Sponsors
Kenneth & Marleen Alhadeff
Michael & Marjorie Alhadeff
Rozamund Barclay
Don & Gretchen Campbell
Ron & Wanda Crockett
Terry & Mary Lou Griffin
Ron & Nina Hagen
Lynn Hallowell
Jack & Theresa Hodge
Gordy & Connie Jarnig
Karl & Darlyne Krieg
Pamela McMurry Larsen and Tim McMurry
Elaine Parks
Dr. Robert Pavalunas
Phil & Sarah Saitta
Dr. Donald & Beverly Turner

Special Thanks Also to
Emerald Downs
for hosting the Preview Party and judges’ luncheon
Chateau Ste Michele
for donating four cases of wine for the Preview Party
Drew & Jamie Baker
for sponsoring the beer and a portion of the wine for the Preview Party

Equine Art Show Committee & Helpers
Jack Hodge, Co-chairperson
M. Anne Sweet, Co-chairperson
Vince Bruun
Theresa Hodge
Tara Homfeldt
Elaine Parks
Urdene & Jed Rickard
Sharon Ross
Karen & Larry Saxon
Nancy Smith
Beverly & Don Turner
Julia Calkins